Are you ready to live life junk-free in Plano? Whether you’ve got old furniture items, a junked car, or even yard debris, you can trust the professionals at Lifted Hauling to handle all of your junk removal needs.

Full-Service Junk Removal in


In Plano, we’re urban, suburban, rural and wild. Our neighbors’ junk removal needs are as varied as the town itself. Whether you have old furniture items, piles of junk scrap metal, or even large piles of yard debris, no need to worry about calling three different companies.

Call Lifted Hauling today, and we’ll take it all away with one of our lifted trucks! Simply give us a call 817-600-1725 or visit our Contact Us page to get started.

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Who is Lifted Hauling?

Lifted Hauling is a family-owned and operated team offering full-service junk removal in Clackamas. Besides basic junk and furniture removal, we also offer light demolition, scrap metal removal, yard waste removal, debris removal, and junk car hauling services.

The name Lifted Hauling comes from our lifelong love of big, larger-than-life pick-ups.  Our taste in trucks can only be beat by our top-tier work ethic. At Lifted Hauling, we’re here to help you check junk removal off your to-do list; we offer our services at rates that our competitors simply can’t keep up with. If you have any questions about our process, feel free to get in touch with us!

How Does Junk Removal Work?

To ease your mind, Lifted Hauling likes to keep our junk removal and hauling services in Plano as simple and straightforward as possible. Let’s break it down for you!

The Basic Process

  1. Get yourself in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps! We get started by offering you an honest estimate for the job you describe to us.
  2. We work with you to select a 2-hour arrival window that fits your busy schedule.
  3. When we’re on the way, we give you a courtesy call so you know when to expect us.
  4. After getting a chance to look at your junk removal items, we offer you a firm, upfront quote.
  5. If you greenlight our estimate, we get right to work!
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Scheduling an Appointment

Are you ready to free up space in your Plano home and property? Get started on your quest for a clutter-free life by calling us or visiting our Contact Us page. If you’re ready to schedule your junk removal right away, you can even use our online booking tool. We can’t wait to hear about how we can help you with your full-service junk removal appointment!

Your Friendly Junk Removal Experts

  1. To get started on your junk removal in Plano, simply get in touch with Lifted Hauling.
  2. We’ll start by offering you a no-obligation estimate for the job, followed by scheduling your 2-hour arrival window.
  3. Simply wait for our courtesy call so you can know exactly when to expect us.
  4. Once we arrive, and inspect the job at hand, and will serve you a firm, upfront quote.
  5. Approve our quote and we’ll make your home free of junk in no time!




Call 817-600-1725 or email [email protected] for a free quote and a conversation with our junk hauling specialists